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Frequently Asked Questions About EdAlerts:

EdAlerts and School Data:

  • EdAlerts is effectively a public broadcasting platform in much the same way as a school website is a public information board. EdAlerts is a perfect extension to a schools’ website, allowing administrators to push alerts and notices to a users’ smartphone without relying on email, or hoping they will check a website.
  • Any information posted via EdAlerts to your school’s students, teachers or parents, is effectively in the public domain.
  • We do NOT collect or retain ANY student, teacher or parent information.


  • The EdAlerts App is free to download for students, teachers and parents.
  • Subscription is quick and completed online in less than 5 minutes and there are no hidden extra costs.
  • As soon as a school has subscribed, students, teachers and parents can select their school from the list when the app first launches. The App will then remember their school selection and their nominated role. It’s that simple.
  • Schools who subscribe to EdAlerts can send an unlimited number of alerts and notices to students, teachers, parents, or the entire school community.

Levels of Service

  • EdAlerts offers two levels of service. Schools can make full use of the EdAlerts platform free of charge to send an unlimited number of Alerts to Students, Parents and Staff.
  • An EdAlerts+ service is also available. EdAlerts+ allows a school administrator to personalise the EdAlerts App by adding their school logo.
  • EdAlerts+ provides school administrators with reporting and analytics tools, and the ability to password protect specific school roles.

How It Works:

  • EdAlerts makes use of the standard Apple and Android Push Notification mechanisms. Alerts and notifications will be received on users’ smart phones even when the App is not running.
  • School Administrators can login via the App and via the EdAlerts website. With the click of a button, the Administrator can send alerts directly to the entire school, or to all parents, all students, or all staff.
  • School administrators can easily share the App link to download EdAlerts via email, and via their website.
  • EdAlerts allows the school administrator to upload their school logo and school crest so that students, teachers and parents all have a personalised experience specific to their school.

All Students, Teachers, and Parents:

No need to sign up to receive alerts! Simply download the free app on for your Android or iOS device

Android Devices:

iOS Devices:

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